the humanist n.e.t. – Cologne

What is the humanist n.e.t. ?

The humanist network is a union of all people that lament the lacking communication, the lacking contact in the Society. It is an union of all those, to which it seems strange, to live in a world, in which mainly the money counts and the human being is only considered valid, if he/she correctly performs the role of a consumer. The humanist network is an union of all those, that draw the consequence from it and want to change themselves and their surroundings, that don't give up, that are looking forward to and willing to construct a positive future, a humanist future.

Humanist means: to be in contact and communication with others, to act solidarily, to help others (and thus oneself), to give the world, on which one has influence, a human character.

Within the humanist network, we support campaigns and programs in other countries in order to improve the educational and health situation and the quality of life in general. We help by means of donations of funds or elements, sponsorships, concrete commitment, current and direct information. Of course we also commit ourselves directly in Germany with concrete conflicts and promote the contact of people and cultures.


Members of the humanist movement established the humanist network. We work in an international network on the basis of local conflicts.
We act inspired on the new humanism - which is more than a distant thought, an active attitude of life.

To feel an internal unison,

  • to think, to feel and to act in one direction, and
  • to treat others in the same way we want to be treated
    is the basis of our action.

    The humanist attitude is a call to be active! To fight together with others for equal possibilities for all people, often helps to see and classify the so-called "own problems" in a new way.


Getting Active!

Nothing will change, except you change it. We need your help!

to collect, donates, membership fees, sponsorships
Everyone can become a member of the humanist network for comparatively little money. The contribution finances our activities and the current support campaigns in other countries.
In addition, we also collect project-referential donations.
Donations of elements for the individual projects, too, are cordially welcome if they are useful and simply transportable.

The sponsorships form a main focus: The sponsor takes over a child's basic supply (referring to medicine, education or quality of life) through a continuous donation, often possible by contributing just a low amount.
The work of the humanist network is honorary, and the help reaches the projects in the individual countries in direct and short way. (To know how to become a sponsor, please see the corresponding information)


Open Project-Meetings, Arts and Feasts

We organise periodic meetings, where we inform about the projects.
Artists presenting their pictures, music or literature accompany these meetings.
On weekends, dinners take place to promote the communication here and the support there.
All people are heartily invited to these activities - diversity enriches! It is important to pass on these things to others, only in this way we can change something, together!


Information is important

The information on the situation in many other countries is often one-sided and inadequate. With the help of international and local journalists as well as free correspondents, we want to publish a bulletin (in the Internet), that reports on the backgrounds of other countries.
Furthermore it would be nice if people meet to promote communication (in writing?) also here in the neighbourhood.
We need help from
- Writers
- Layouters and drawers
- Advertisements



The collaboration is honourable, in any sense of the word.
Everyone can do some useful:
- to invite other people and to help us with the preparation of information on paper and in the Internet,
- to collaborate as an artist
- to help with many technical and concrete things
- to inform on conflicts in the neighbourhood (or elsewhere) and to help solving them
- organisations can join the humanist network


Meetings and Workshops for the Work on Oneself

Once a week the active people meet for an exchange, to work on themselves and to plan together the different activities. This meeting is important because it strengthens the individual and the team.

In addition, we organise seminars and workshops for all interested people, as e.g. To Overcome Violence or To Promote Communication.

- We and others need your help! Everyone can do something useful...
- Help us to build up the humanist network and a more human society!

Surely, some activities are not yet mentioned here - their realisation is up to your co-operation and creativity!